Calculators (integrated)

This integrated calculator includes the followings:
  • i-PRO Active Guard Calculator¬†(for Video Insight/Genetec/Milestone/ASM300)
  • Security Recorder (for NX series) (WJ-NX100/NX200K/NX300K/NX400K/VMS) Calculator
  • Security Recorder (for NU series)¬†(WJ-NU101/NU201/NU300/NU301/VMS) Calculator
  • Network Disk Recorder (WJ-NX400K) Calculator for VBR and CBR

File information

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File Size: 47.39 MB
File Format: ZIP
Version: V1.5.0.0
Modified Date: 22 Feb 2023
Language: English
Product: WJ-NX400, WJ-NX200, WJ-NX400/WJ-NXE40/WJ-NXS01/WJ-NXS04/WJ-NXS16/WJ-NXS32, WJ-NX300, WJ-NX300/WJ-NXE30/WJ-NXS01/WJ-NXS04/WJ-NXS16/WJ-NXS32, WJ-NX200/WJ-NXE20/WJ-NXS01/WJ-NXS04/WJ-NXS16/WJ-NXS32, i-PRO Active Guard for VI, WJ-NX100, i-PRO Active Guard for Genetec, i-PRO Active Guard for WV-ASM300, i-PRO Active Guard for XProtect, WJ-NU101KG, WJ-NU201KG, WJ-NU300KG, WJ-NU301KG, WJ-NU101K, WJ-NU201K, WJ-NU300K, WJ-NU301K