i-PRO Configuration Tool [iCT] (Japanese)

- Important notice when opening Microsoft Edge in IE mode using i-PRO Configuration Tool:
i-PRO Configuration Tool version 2.4 or later creates a Microsoft Edge sitelist file, and changes the reference on the registry* to this sitelist file. The above change can affect the access to the other web pages in IE mode on the same PC.
For details, contact your system administrator. 

*Applicable registry: InternetExplorerIntegrationSiteList(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftEdge)
- Notice of Key Management System (KMS) URL change from April 3rd

Refer to Support - Announcement for details on this change.

iCT will support this change from version 3.6 (To be released in the end of March, 2023)


- Important Information for WJ-NX400 users;
When you upgrade the firmware on 
WJ-NX400, once power off and on WJ-NX400 before upgrading.
- Notice for VMD settings on 360 degree cameras
When you change the "Imaging mode" at the 360 degree cameras with "VMD=On" setting, this setting may be changed as "VMD=Off" at the camera side regardless of the operation and/or display on this tool. When you change the "imaging mode", re-check the VMD setting of the camera and confirm the VMD actual detecting operation.
- To update the firmware, turn off the MAC address authentication function of the connected HUB. The firmware update might be failed.

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