WJ-ND400 Firmware

NTSC/PAL ​​​​​​
Latest version note:
  • Procedures how to upgrade firmware from Ver. 4.50 to Ver. 4.59, or Ver. 4.50/4.59 to Ver. 5.00 (or newer)  (Click here for detail)

Previous version note:
  • Restrictions on firmware version 5.01
    - Live picture may delay approx. 2 sec. while resolution setting for camera were 4M(2048x2048 pixel).
    - Live picture may be collapsed depends on a load on PC.
    - 4-screen live picture to be displayed I-Frame only while setting FHD(1920x1080 pixel) or greater resolution.
    - Up to 6Mbps of bitrate or SXVGA resolution (1280x960 pixel) can be backed up on SD memory card.
    - Attachment file (Jpeg) of an alarm notification must be 1MB or less.
    - 1MB or bigger image by FTP periodical transmission from camera, may be collapsed.
  • Restrictions on "Normal" mode. 
    - Maximum bitrate for Live, recording and playback is up to 6Mbps.
  • Restrictions on "4K resolution" mode.
    - Up to 8 units (must be CH1 to CH8) of 9 Megapixel 360-degree Network Camera (14Mbps or more) can be used.
    Or, supports 14Mbps on CH1 to CH8 and 8Mbps on CH9 to CH64.
    - Number of users for playback reduces from 16 to 8.
    - Playing back video (8Mbps or more) with audio may be a cause of interruption at a timing of refreshment of video.
    - Number of users for FTP transmission reduces from 8 to 4.
    - Impossible to download data that is 2GB or more by FTP or HTTP. 
  • Please accept downloading service for version 5.00 is unavailable due to an issue and use version 5.01 instead.
    We apology any inconvenience due to this. 
  • Notes on "" and ""
    1. There are 2 files of firmware version 4.5, one is version 4.50, named "" and the other is version 4.59, named "". 
    Please refer to the Version history carefully to find which file is appropriate for your WJ-ND400(K).
    2. Both version 4.50 and 4.59 are latest, either version 4.50 or 4.59 is NOT older/newer than the other version.
  • Note on "" (Uploaded on October 14, 2014).
    We removed "" and placed "" because the file name of "" was incorrect. The "" contained the version 4.21.

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Document type: Firmware
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Version: V6.10
Modified Date: 30 Nov 2018
Product: WJ-ND400

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