WJ-NX400 Firmware (Chinese)

  • Important Information:
    When you upgrade the firmware, once power off and on of WJ-NX400 before upgrading.
  • Note: Click here how to download HDD viewer.
  • Note: Please accept downloading service for the file of firmware version 2.xx are unavailable.
  • We apology any inconvenience due to this.

File information

Document type: Firmware
File Size: 76.05 MB
File Format: ZIP
Version: V3.00
Modified Date: 10 Jul 2019
Language: Chinese
Product: WJ-NX400, WJ-NX400/WJ-NXE40/WJ-NXS01/WJ-NXS04/WJ-NXS16/WJ-NXS32

Detailed File Information