WV-ASF950 Software Upgrade Tool (Upgrade Tool from V1.0x_V2.xx_to_V3.xx)

Notes before Installing Version 2.31 or later:
- Contig (defragmentation utility) needs to be installed for WV-ASF950 Version 2.31 or later. (Click here for the detail on Contig Installation)
- NVIDIA Quadro P5000 needs to be upgraded to version 425.31 or later for WV-ASF950 version 2.10 or later. Download and install the driver software from the website of video card manufacturer or NVIDIA. (Click here to go to NVIDIA Website) 

- Caution for Windows update
When updating the Windows OS after installing this software, be sure to follow the instructions in "Procedure for Windows Update". If you execute Windows Update without following this procedure, there may be a problem with the operation of WV-ASF950.
- Setting changes needed to reduce process load for WV-ASF950 and WV-ASM300 in the face recognition system

Other notes:
- Due to the file size, it may take a long time to start downloading after selecting the file. 
- Also, it may take a long time until unzipping of the file begins.

File information

Document type: Software
File Size: 1.76 GB
File Format: ZIP
Version: Upgrade Tool from V1.0x_V2.xx_to_V3.20
Modified Date: 06 Jul 2021
Product: WV-ASF950