WV-ASM300 Software

--- Software ---
• Trial (DEMO / LITE) (Click here for detail)
To users of WV-ASM300 DEMO Ver 1.00, please upgrade to the latest version.
Otherwise, the trial period for WV-ASM300 might expire before 90 days and unable to use if your PC has once used the demo version of the WV-ASM200 series.

• Regular
[Important notice at upgrading software]
Please save setup data as backup before upgrading. Upgrade WV-ASM300. Then import the setup data.
Otherwise, lose setup data as follow;
(1) Basic setup: Language, Date format, Time frmat
(2) Drawing setup: Contrast enhanced display (RGB:0-256), Audio
(3) GUI display setup: Full screen display when opening the operation window
(4) Performance setup: HD300 (Live)
[Important notice for users of version1.20 or earlier]
Please upgrade WV-ASM300 version 1.21 (or later) before upgrading OS from the older versions to Windows 10 on your PC, or Windows Update on Windows 10 is applied. Otherwise, the license information of WV-ASM300 might be cleared on a PC when it is upgraded.
For your reference, if the license registration window appears when you start WV-ASM300, please register the same license information again on the registration window.

[Important notice before upgrading to V3.10 or later]
The function below will be supported by facial recognition server WV-ASF950 in V3.00 or later:
- Search by category function added to [Alarm search] tab in WV-ASM300 V3.10 or later
--- Video analytics function ---
The video analytics function to be activated by "Registration key"issuedby Key Management System.
"Registration Key" issue
"Activation Key No.", "Registration ID" and "MPRID"will be required to issue "Registration Key".
Activation Key No.: 0405-0065-000B-1234
Registration ID: 25D5-7547
MPR ID: Please refer to "MPR ID" displayed on your ASM300.
Please access to the following URL "Key Management System" andissue Registration Key . 
For mobile: ("RegistrationKey issue only")
For more detail instruction of Key Management System, please access tofollowing URL.
* It is available this license key only customers who purchased formally WV-ASM300.
* Refer to "To customers using the optional extension for video analytics (PDF)" how to register the options for the product in use.

--- DB Convert Tool ---
(Click here for detail)

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